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Welcome to Dazzle Systech (I) Pvt. Ltd.,!


SAC is the product developed for churches; it includes bible words and songs (in both Tamil and English). So when the pastor preaches we can see the words of the bible and the songs in the big screen.
      Clients : End Time Zion Church,Dharmapuri.,
                  End Time Revival Church,Dharmapuri.,
                  Shiloh Church, Chennai

PAS is the product developed for small and medium scale agencies. This will keep track of all the information about items, stock and the amount transaction. We can see the reports for a day or week or monthly basis. If we need then we can see for the particular period of days, selected by the user. And also we can take the printout from the report.
       Clients : Sri Sivakami departmental store, Old quarters, Dharmapuri
                  Rama Department Store, Pennagaram, Dharmapuri
                  R R Tyres, Official MRF Tyres Dealer, Dharmapuri
                  Bismi Traders, Dharmapuri
                  Sivaji Fancy Store, Old Dharmapuri
                  Chithambaram Department Store, Karimangalam
                  Malar Tyres, Papparapatti
                  NB Naturals Beauty Spa & Family Saloon, Dharmapuri
                  DSA Cold Storage, Dharmapuri
                  S.K.Lakshmi Jewellers, Dharmapuri
                  Annasaamy Jewellers, Pennagaram, Dharmapuri
                  Metro Traders, Dharmapuri
                  Padma Enterprises, Dharmapuri
                  Torque Service Center, Dharmapuri
                  Sri Durga Agencies, Dharmapuri
                  Rupesh Xerox

Garment Shop Automation System is the product developed for Garment shops. This will keep track of all the information about items, stock, purchase, sales and the amount transaction.
      Clients : Azhagan Garment Shop, Anna nagar, Chennai
            Sridhar Textiles, Dharmapuri
            Jayakumar Textiles and Readymades,Dharmapuri
            Ashwaini Textiles, Dharmapuri
            Yuva for Men, Near Senthil departmental store,Dharmapuri

LabSoft is the product developed for testing/diagnostics lab. This will keep track of all the information about tests,customers and bills.
      Clients : UNIQUE HEALTH PRIORITY LAB, Dharmapuri

Dairy Farm Automation System is the product developed for Dairy Farm. This will keep track of all the information and used for sales billing, purchase billing and report generation for customers, suppliers on day/month/yearly basis.
      Clients : Sakthi Dairy Farm, Salem

This has been done in ASP.NET C#, MySQL, and has many online options like buying of retail materials. It also supports online payment through paypal. It has a nice admin panel to handle the items available and etc.
      Clients : Sri Lakshmi Stores,Old Quarters, Dharmapuri

Student Recital Scrutiny is the product developed for Schools and Colleges. This software is used to maintain all the financial activities of institution and analyze the Student performances and showing the results in report format and Graph format. And also using this software we can view various reports such as Prograss Cards, Rank List, Failure Students list, Failiure students by subjects, Attendence Reports of student, etc .
      Clients : Vishwa Bharathi Matriculation School, Dharmapuri

AOA is the product developed for Advocates. It is a complete, feature-rich, law office automation tool that facilitates ease and convenience. This software aids the advocate in not only keeping the accurate case information at his finger tips at all times, but also helps accelerate the preparation for the case, increasing the chances of success with the case, and enhancing client satisfaction.

Pharmacy Automation System is the product developed for Pharmacy. This product is used to store all information about items (medicines), purchase and sales details, customer management and generate report based on various conditions basis ie customers, monthly, yearly statement, etc .

Hospital Regulation System is the product developed for small and medium scale hospitals. It will keep track of all the patientsí personal histories, their problems, what are the medicines given for that patients on which date and etc. Here also we can able to see and print the report for a particular patient or for number of patients in a particular period of time.

Auditor Assistant is the product, well suited for private auditors and tax consultant, it will keep track of the fund transfer and it will calculate the tax for the given party, by the given factor.
      Clients : Stalin & Co., Auditors, Dharmapuri